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Welcome to 217 Menswear

Providing a personal service is key and something which has long been lost in the UK. Men's shopping should be more than just a trip out to get what we need, it should be an experience which one remembers. Clothing should be a pleasure to wear and for the owner to treasure.

At 217 Menswear in Fleet, Hampshire we range from suiting to casual wear (tailored to each individual if needed) outerwear from Europe (for style as much as for warmth) formal and casual shirts (tastes of Italian and German engineering from each item individual to the next) footwear and the all important men's accessories.

We feel that each piece of a gentlemen's wardrobe should reflect him and his personality, each piece should be key, a necessity and should give the owner that feel good factor.

At 217 Menswear, buying the stock is everything, we carefully select pieces with heart and soul - this is our passion! We aim for customers to buy products that they are proud to own, to wear and for all to enjoy!

Our products & services

217 Menswear offer a range of products and services to meet all requirements.

  • Suits
  • Blazers
  • Formal Shirts
  • Casual Shirts
  • Ties
  • Socks
  • Formal Trousers
  • Belts
  • Braces
  • Cravats
  • Casual Trousers
  • Formal Shoes
  • Casual Shoes
  • Polo Shirts
  • Cufflinks
  • Wallets
  • Silk Hankies
  • Bags
  • Pen Sets
  • Tailoring Service

Gift vouchers are also available. Ask in store for details.